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To provide healthy food for the society

Brief Introduction Company profile About us

Jiusan Oils & Grains Industries Group Co., Ltd, one of the subsidiaries of the Beidahuang Group, is the first batch of national leading agricultural industrialized enterprise. Jiusan Group is a large soybean processing industry which integrates trading, industrialization and agriculture. With the headquarter located in Harbin high-tech Economic Development Zone, Jiusan Group now has 12 subsidiaries including Jiusan Co., Beian Co., Baoquanling Co., Harbin Soybean Products Co., Huikang Food Co., Beidahuang Soybean Products Co., Changchun Co., Dalian Co., Tieling Co., Tianjin Co., Chengdu Co., Huiyu Co. Besides, Jiusan has four overseas trading sub-companies located in Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Chicago and Kuala Lumpur respectively. Jiusan Group occupies a total area of 170 hectares, with a yearly soybean processing ability reaching 12 million tons. The annual sales revenue in 2013 achieves 40 billion yuan and total import-export trading amount is over 6 billion U.S. dollars.

As National Civilized Unit, Jiusan Group has been listed as one of Chinas Top 500 Enterprises and has appraised as Chinas Industrial Pacesetter Enterprise for many times insuccession. Jiusan brand has granted as Chinas Famous Trademark by SAIC (the State Administration of Industry and Commerce), and as Most Competitive Brand by the Ministry of Commerce.

Jiusan Group is mainly engaging in soybean processing. It has green food planting bases, primary and deep soybean processing bases, as well as food safety testing center of international advanced level. Meanwhile, Jiusan Group has set up its state-level post-doctoral research center.

In recent years, Jiusan has been taking the advantage of resources, location, scale and capital to build an international chain of soybean industry, through which a strategic pattern of domestic-international and internal-costal has been constructed. This strategic pattern can manifest as a combination of six relations, including processing and trading, import and export, futures and spots, internal and costal, food and pharmacy, self-operating and outsourcing.

Jiusan Group actively advocates Green Raw Materials, Green Technology and Green Packaging. It makes the most of Heilongjiangs local Non-GMO soybeans to improve the scientific and technological content of our products. Jiusan Group has been extending its industrial chain in order to provide natural, nutritional, safety and healthy products to the customers. The main products cover nine series over 100 varieties which consist of protein products, oils, health care products, table foods, snack foods, vegetable protein drinks, wild fruit drinks, functional phospholipid drinks and medical intermediates. The group can annually supply the market with 9.6 million tons of high-quality soybean meal, 2.16 million tons of soybean oil, 35,000 tons of concentrated soybean lecithin, 16,000 tons of fresh bean curd, 24,000 tons of soybean lecithin milk, 27,000 tons of soybean milk powder, 100 tons of Vitamin E, 80 tons of soybean isoflavone, 0.2 billion soft capsules of natural Vitamin E, 600 tons of supercritical soybean power lecithin, 1,500 tons of soybean germs. In addtion, the group own 13 categories of health care products such as Xinzi and Bokang, and 4 medical intermediates as plant sterol and soybean saponin.

Basing on new mechanism, high quality materials, superior scale, and reasonable overall distribution, Jiusan Group, since it was built, has been playing the role as a leading enterprise to putting farms and peasants in motion. In particular, the group has made great contribution to enhancing farmers income and guaranteeing the market supply of edible oils in the years when the market is depressed and grain price is suffering a downturn. Since 2003, a number of party and state leaders, including Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Huang Ju, Luo Gan, Li Yuanchao, Wang Gang, Du Qinglin, and Wang Zhaoguo, have come to Jiusan Group one after another for inspection or debriefing.

Jiusan Group has been sticking to the faith of providing healthy food to the society. Upholding the enterprise core values of integrity-based, responsibility first, Making the full rely on Beidahuang fertile black soil, Jiusan Group strives to make contributions to Chinese peoples prosperity, the nations strength and peoples health.